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Diego's Safari RescueDiego's Safari Rescue Game
Diego needs to bang his drum to undo the magic spell that's turned all the animals into rocks, trees, and bushes.
Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue GameDiego's Great Jaguar Rescue Game
Help these heroes navigate the pyramid, rainforest, and town and dig, jump, or get water, too.
Diego's Dinosaur Adventure GameDiego's Dinosaur Adventure Game
Join Diego and his sister, Alicia, as they go on many adventures at the dinosaur museum.
Diego Field Journal GameDiego Field Journal Game
Diego documents animals' footprints and voices, and makes videos of them in motion. Kids, check them out!
Diego's Dino Flyer Rescue GameDiego's Dino Flyer Rescue Game
Flying baby Pterosaurs, oh my! Return them to their mother, who's looking for them.
Diego's Railroad Rescue GameDiego's Railroad Rescue Game
Diego wants to take the animals he's rescued back to their homes. Come help!
Go Diego Go online games : page 1 | page 2 |

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